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E23s rafted at Weymouth E29 Powering along Solent E30 Snowbird on way to France E31 Nagoya Ketch E33 Artic Smoke South Coast Raleigh 2002 E35 Touchstone arriving East Coast Rally 2003

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Elizabethan Owners Association Events

2017 Events

Lunch - Dancing Man Brewery Southampton - Sunday 5th March 2017

About 10 of us met for beer (brewed on site) lunch and a chat.

South Coast Raleigh - Shepard's Wharf, Cowes - Friday to Sunday 16th to 18th June 2017

Seven Elizabethans (one looking remarkably like a Westerly) convened at Shepard's Wharf Marina, Cowes. The Berthing Master asked us to come in stern first - the only one stupid enough to try was Wakatere and I won't do that again - still, nothing broke.

On the Friday evening we walked into Cowes to purchase the traditional Fish and Chips which we consumed with chat on the boats.

The weather was excellent so Saturday was spent rigging cockpit canopies and avoiding exertion. The evening took us to the Island Sailing Club for an excellent dinner.

I'm still hoping for some photographs guys!

2012 Events

South Coast Raleigh - Hornet Sailing Club Gosport - Friday 18th May to 20th May 2012

View from Hornet

Tim Austin (E23 Lady Beth) was our host at the Hornet Sailing Club Gosport. The boats that attended included the full range of Elizabethans from E23 to E33. We even had Alessandro Cassano (E31 Tamrya), family and friend fly over from Italy. The 3 days were full of activities. Friday pm was the traditional Alfresco Fish and Chip supper with cold prosecco on the yachts. We shared mutual annoyance at the British weather and exaggerate personal sailing tales from previous perilous voyages!!! An early night was recommended but not before sampling John Bayne’s ( Zee Wolef) fine single malt and then moving onto try Andy Marshall’s (E29 Frejya)Ovaltine!!!
Saturday was  a leisurely start and plenty of time to explore your neighbours Elizabethans and discover improvements and ideas you can implement in your own craft.
The Hornet Club had a Boat Jumble and we had an EOA Table. Members were very surprised to find that in total we sold £100's of old equipment ; and then bought other people rubbish for £100's. Ian provided an all day troll through the Elizabethan photo archives. Some tried to learn a little Italian from Alessandro, Lucia and Marco. The evening started with a Pre dinner Pontoon Party. Nibbles and tipples at 6.15 on the pontoon by Solway Ranger. We just brought along a glass, a bottle for sharing and any leftover nuts, dips and bulk wine. David White supplied fine ale from his Micro Brewery. Always great. At 7.45pm we made our way to the 15th Anniversary Raleigh Dinner and AGM. The Hornet Sailing Club has an excellent and relaxed restaurant. We were in the Fabrosa Room. Following a good meal  we had in-house entertainment lead by Tim Austin; our on-site EOA host and Hornet member.
Sunday we had a special opportunity to go on a tour on British Steel clipper: Adventurer. We had a good brief from the crew and allowed to wonder and see everything. Tour over members started to make the onward journeys. Excellent weekend thanks to all those involved in the organistion.

Past Events

South Coast Fitting Out - Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club - Sunday 18th April 2010





Derek Pullen (E29 Florya) organised a Sunday lunch at his club for the EOA "Fitting Out" 2010 . The club is a once old Quay Mill that has been extensively restored by its members and now boasts a large bar and an excellent restaurant. Emsworth itself is a picturesque location at the top of Chichester Harbour and the club has an expansive view over the River Ems. This was an opportunity for a very splendid good value meal, with sensibly priced liquid refreshments, and of course Excellent Company. The club is easily found at the end of  South Street and is only a few minutes drive from the main A27.

South Coast Raleigh - Hayling Island Sailing Club - Friday 4th to Sunday 6th June 2010

Andy Marshall (E29 Frejya) hosted the South Coast Raleigh 2010 at his club the Hayling Island Sailing Club. Friday 4th to Sunday 6th June 2010. This club is very modern with excellent facilities. Right at the entrance to Chichester Harbour the large expanse of water below the decking is busy all day. Not only does it have a large bar, balcony and restaurant but it also has its own accommodation facilities for about 100 persons. All at very reasonable prices. We met in Sparks marina on Friday evening. Walked the 10 minutes to the club house for a light evening meal, sit in the bar / on the balcony to discuss the seasons sailing. Saturday was an activity day with a set meal in the evening to include members that will drive directly to the club. Sunday was a sail up the River Ems to a public pontoon for an al fresco Sunday Lunch. As with these events it was an opportunity for some of the boats to sail on together in a tour of the Solent or further West.

Other regions

Looking forward to this season does anyone feel able to organise a Saturday evening or Sunday Lunch at your club for EOA members? Do you even feel that you could organise a Raleigh in your area? Please contact the secretary so that we may discuss and publicise.  An early response would be appreciated as calendars fill up so quickly these days.

South Coast End of Season - Hayling Island Sailing Club - Sunday 4th October 2010

Our thanks goes to Andy Marshall (E29 Frejya) who hosted the South Coast "End Of Season" at his club the Hayling Island Sailing Club. Sunday 4th October 2009. The weather was clear skies which gave a warm start but we needed a jacket when we were having coffee on the external upper deck later in the day. This club is very modern with excellent facilities. Right a the entrance to Chichester Harbour the large expanse of water below the decking was busy all day. Not only larger vessels making their way in and out of the harbour but numerous dinghies were competing before our eyes. The club was hosting a open meeting of International Moths. I for one enjoyed myself, as I am sure did all attendees, who had a good opportunity to discuss their season with fellows in similar situations to their own.

East Coast End of Season - Colne Yacht Club - Sunday 18th October

Our thanks go to Chris Peet (E30 Moana) has arranged the East Coast "End Of Season" at the Colne Yacht Club , Brightingsea Sunday 18th October 2009. Given the time of year the weather could have been a lot worse; it was dry and warm when we entered the Colne Yacht Club for lunch and it had clouded over a little when we finished at mid afternoon. The club has unbroken views over Brightlingsea Creek which was still busy even this late into the season. A good time was had by all with tales of the season exchanged in the warmth and comfort of this nice restaurant and fine bar.

East Coast Raleigh - Brightlingsea / Wivenhoe - Friday 12th June to Sunday 14th June

Ian French (E23 Eloisa) and Chris Peet (E30 Moana) organised this year's EC Raleigh on the River Colne.

The East Coast Raleigh was held over the weekend of 12th – 14th of June, coinciding with the Brightlingsea boat show and the Gaffers Race.

Things started off badly, when Chris Peet (E30 Moanna) hurt his back and could not sail to the venue. Fortunately he recovered sufficiently to join up with the group on Saturday night for our meal.

As the co-organiser I attempted to get to the venue in good time to greet all the boats arriving on Friday afternoon, but the combination of head winds (are there any other kind?) and wife who managed to get lost on the way to the boat meant that we were the last to arrive.

We did however get to meet Mike Capling (E23 Serenade) by the simple means of rafting up against him. He kindly assisted us tying up and joined us as we went ashore to find some food and walk the dog.

Saturday dawned fine and bright, and the group all met up to arrange the day. The first order of business was for the E23 owners to visit each others boats to see what modifications or good ideas they had. After the serious business was over, everyone went ashore to see if there were any bargains to be had at the boat show. I only bought an RNLI bag and a second hand sailing book, which has been most useful.

In the afternoon, it was decided that we should take the tide up to Wivenhoe. Elizabeth Tudor E31 (Derek Greenwood and Colin Muskett), Silver Pearl Sadler 26 (Roger Burrows and Janice Bell), Lizzie B E23 ( Bill and Liz Barnett) and Eloisa E23 (Ian and Jo French) forming the group. Mike Capling (Serenade E23) choosing to come with us on Eloisa rather than lose our holding berth. The sail up was a very pleasant run up under Genoa. The boats all moored up at Rowhedge to sample the local brew, with the exception of us in Eloisa, who needed to return sooner to allow Jo to walk the dog. A quick “touch and go” at the hard landing, then a quick chug back alongside Serenade and we were ready to clean up and get ready for the evening meal.

On going ashore we were met by Chris Peet (E30 Moanna) and David and Melanie Munns (E29 Sonnet) who had come round by car. We had a very enjoyable meal at the Kovalam restaurant, just off the hard. Everyone enjoyed plenty of well cooked and presented food. The evening drew to a close with a trip in the water taxi driven by none other than Jim Tichmarsh (Red Rag E29) who was on duty that night.

The following morning we all gradually departed back to our home ports, having made new friends and getting lots of good ideas.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend an enjoyable experience and especially to Liz and Bill Barnett (E23 Lizzie B) for providing extra photographs.

Ian French
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When you arrive at Picasa dwell on images for text caption or click on image to enlarge.. enjoy, thanks to Ian.

South Coast Raleigh - Portland Harbour - Friday 17th July to Sunday 19th July

Richard Way (E33 Owaissa) organised this year's SC Raleigh in Portland Harbour. The new Marina was recently opened as part of the preparations for the 2012 Olympics.

Wet and windy as always? Having suffered 2 years of weather disappointment we tried moving the event to later in the year for 2009. Did it help? No it did not! More than a few did not get to the event either because they could not afford, due to work commitments, to get trapped at Portland or they had to seek shelter, at an alternative harbour on their journey to Portland. The only actual boats to turn up were those that could make arrangements to arrive on the Thursday or had a relatively short journey.

The only E boats in Portland Harbour were E23 Ariel, E30 Snowbird, E31 Tabard and E33 Owaissa. Did that mean we did not enjoy ourselves? Quite to the contrary, as a lot more members came by car.
Portland is a wild and windy place with many unique environmental features. Jo and Richard Way (E33 Owaissa) organised 2 walks along the coast which revealed the ancient and modern history of the island. On the Saturday there was even a nature trail along the Chesil Beach. Apart from the organised events there was all the fun of the fair in this large modern marina as we watched the Coastguard Helicopter Service (they are based next door) doing simulated winched recoveries and we watched as a Artemis Ocean Racing Open 60 demonstrated how to get off your pontoon in a strong SW wind. Simple, you winch yourself across to the adjacent pontoon then place a rib on your leeward side whilst you motor forward. Saturday evening we assembled at the Royal Breakwater Hotel to enjoy an excellent meal in company.

Nice as the new Portland Marina is we were all looking for a weather window for homeward or onward journeys. E31 Tabard left for Dartmouth on Monday morning, E23 Ariel and E30 Snowbird left for Dartmouth Monday evening. Our overnight crossing of Lyme Bay was in a Fresh S/SWS with lots of downpours. Even gusting to F6 / F7 the sea never exceeded moderate so we made good time. Visibility was so poor we had to go about 5 miles off to ovoid the Portland Race, so for a E23 to do the 51 miles, from cast off to being tied up, in 11 hours is a great testament to their seaworthiness. Chris Eker (E23 Ariel) was glad to be home and Cad Cust (E30 Snowbird) and Peter Lewis (E31 Tabard) and their crews could relax and do a little cruising. We were later joined by Ian and Jenny Stockdale in Solway Ranger. Thanks to Jo and Richard Way as organisers.

Cad Cust
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South Coast Fitting Out - Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club - Sunday 19th April

Derek Pullen (E29 Florya) organised a Sunday lunch at his club. Thanks to Derek and Shirley Pullen for organising the South Coast fitting out party at the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club. It was a lovely setting in the restored Quay Mill with views out over the Ems estuary on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. No speeches, just a very splendid, good value, meal with sensibly priced liquid refreshments, with Excellent Company. Well done Derek and Shirley.

Previous Years Events


The EOA organised a couple of "End of Season" events,

The first was a Sunday Lunch at the Mermaid, Port Solent, Hampshire on 12th October.

The 30 South Coast members that attended seemed to have a pleasant leisurely lunch. Youngest was Emily(3) of E33 Sash, the oldest looked much younger than he was. A few had made quite long journeys to attend but I think all agreed it was worth it as the company was excellent and we were blessed with a warm sunny day. During the proceedings Richard Way E33 Owaissa volunteered to be the 2009 Raleigh organiser. We will be discussing details later this year but I suspect we should all be planning to attend a Portland based event. Click for Mini Picture Gallery of EoS Solent

The second was a Sunday Lunch at the Wivenhoe Sailing Club, Essex on 19th October.

Association members were warmly welcomed to Wivenhoe SC by Pauline Hart E31 Tara, the club commodore. The WSC has super facilities including a licensed bar and excellent catering. The 25 members that attended were provided with preferential treatment and a separate dining area where we could all talk together and make some minor announcements without interrupting other club members that were enjoying their Sunday Lunch. Two association members Chris Peet E30 Moana and Ian French E23 Eloisa
volunteered to jointly take on organising the 2009 East Coast Raleigh. I heard some talk that they have an idea of meeting at Brightlingsea.

2008 Raleigh was at Lymington.

Alistair Inglis (E23 Elissa) organised the11th South Coast Raleigh
Royal Lymington Yacht Club, Lymington, Hampshire
July 4th - 6th July

The Event was excellent as always.

Alistair had arranged a fishing competition on Saturday morning, but despite all our efforts no one caught  a single fish, after which we took advantage of the Lymington market.  In the afternoon Liz Scrace ( nee Webster) joined us and took us on a tour of the old Peter Webster Limited works and gave the members a sense of the the time when our boats were made. We enjoyed the company of old friends ( and a few drinks) before we made our way to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club for dinner. As it was regatta week we had a steel band entertainment before we sat down to dinner. On Sunday we awoke to strong winds gusting to 49 Knots. We retired to the Lymington Town Sailing Club and some decided to await a lessening of wind strength, others went home by train.

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