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E23s rafted at Weymouth E29 Powering along Solent E30 Snowbird on way to France E31 Nagoya Ketch E33 Artic Smoke South Coast Raleigh 2002 E35 Touchstone arriving East Coast Rally 2003

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Please note that we have recently published a new version of our website at www.eoa2.org. All future updates and new content will be uploaded to the new website. Please go to eoa2.org for further information on the EOA and for resources on the Elizabethan range of yachts.

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Latest newsletter Spring 2020 plus a write-up on the history of E30 Tantaliza
Latest brokerage entries January 2017

to the Elizabethan Owners Association (EOA) Website. It is dedicated to the Elizabethan range of yachts and the people that own them. The aims of this site are to promote the association and to provide a resource for owners and anyone else interested in the yachts. The association is very new, it was formed in 1997, and currently has around one hundred and thirty members, mainly from the UK but with some members in the USA, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Ireland. Today the association  is a group of like minded souls that share knowledge of their vessels and enjoy the occasional get together. Most own an Elizabethan but there are a few members that have sold on their boat but retain association simply for the social side.  

The site provides EOA contact details, information about the classes, the social calendar and other items we hope will be useful to members. If you own an Elizabethan and are not a member we would be very keen for you to contact us with details of your vessel as we are keen to learn more about every Elizabethan made.

David White

Elizabethan Owners Association Burgee E30 Snowbird being pulled along by masthead spinnaker
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